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Abla Krouma - Robots vs Humans Dilemma 1.78 MB17413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Addressing Changing Requirements Keates Woodside Botelho 537.11 KB13713-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Aime Haughn, Kathy McKee - Jaime Smith – Career Development Elevated - Collective Learnings from System Transformation 1.55 MB17513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Alizeh Batra - Exploring Stakeholders' Perceptions of Graduate Employability Skills 1.79 MB14513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Andrea Fruhling- Norman Amundson – CoachingCounselling 3.56 MB31613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Andrea Fruhling Norman Amundson – Career Development Creative Lab – Come Stretch Your Imagination 439.90 KB20213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Anna-Lisa-Ciccocioppo-Sarah-Taylor-–-Adults-with-Autism-From-Post-Secondary-into-the-Workplace-18337 2.20 MB11913-04-2020 Download
Beatrice Kohlenberg – WES Gateway Program Assessing Credentials for Displaced Individuals 1.29 MB28313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Ben Liadsky – CERIC 2019 Survey of Career Service Professionals- Who We Are and Where We're Going 12.70 MB18013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Candy Ho – Teaching Career Using the UN SDG 639.92 KB16913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Candy Ho – Teaching Career Using the UN SDG 639.92 KB23313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Cannexus20 Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus - Cannexus20 brochure des exposants et des commanditaires 2.57 MB16814-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Cannexus20 Final Programme - Programme final de Cannexus20 7.68 MB78414-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Cannexus20_MP&WP_Jan2020 2.35 MB12213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Cathy Ginsberg – Taming the Overwhelm Dragon 1.08 MB17313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Cindy Messaros – Integrating Essential Skills for Employment Counsellors 1.08 MB29313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Collaborating for Career Success Norris Keates 2.09 MB20413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Colleen Egli – How Career Development Discussions Can Increase Employee Engagement 2.03 MB15813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Craig White – Comprehensive Career Programs Must Include STEM Information 2.38 MB23313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Crystal Dolliver – Getting It Right Without the Righting Reflex 225.44 KB19213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Dave Redekopp & Michael Huston – Career Development & Mental Health - Coping Becomes Hoping 4.00 MB24513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Diana Barbosa Elizabeth Mills – Canada's Next Generation of Digital Economy Workers 2.96 MB25013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Don Presant – Digital Credentials for Robot-Proof 21C Careers 9.21 MB19913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Donnalee Bell, Jennifer Fraser Rob LeForte – Canada Career Month Matters - Come and See Why 3.53 MB16613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Gabriela Casineanu – Using Introvert Strengths for Effective Job Search 5.08 MB20013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Gabrielle Fayant & Tamer Ibrahim – A Movement of Changemakers - 2 Stories of Youth-Led Organizations 7.34 MB17413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Gray Poehnell – Above the Noise - Making Our Voices Heard 7.76 MB15113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Hoda Kilani – Coaching iGen_Gen Z- Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies 6.74 MB16113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Ilona Dougherty – Wired for Innovation - Tapping into Unique Abilities of Millennial and Gen Z Employees 6.51 MB14613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
JP Michel – How to Transform Career Development 4.46 MB42513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Jake Hirsch-Allen - Kate Ovington – Marketable Skills - Training Programs with Measured Impact 2.93 MB14813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Jennifer Woodside – Adapting Services to Optimize the International Student Experience 443.67 KB13113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Joan Atlin - Yilmaz Dinc – Predictors of Newcomer Employment Success - Evidence and Practice 2.57 MB16113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Karena-de-Souza-–-Future-of-Work-Changing-Our-Relationship-with-Change-20448 30.93 MB11113-04-2020 Download
Karena de Souza – FoW_NoW- The Future of Work is Now 393.63 KB13813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Karena de Souza – FoW_NoW- The Future of Work is Now (1) 393.63 KB12913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Kimberley Rawes, Lorna MacEachern - Karla Gouthro – Incorporating Designing Your Life into Career Development – Incorporating Designing Your Life into Career Development 898.24 KB21913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Laëtitia Damonsing – How an International Experience Just Might Change Your Life 8.46 MB38813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Leadership in Action- Stories of Ninja Career Development 3.86 MB17513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Leadership in Action- Stories of Ninja Career Development 29.68 MB19113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Leela Darvall - Gray Poehnell – Broadening a Hope-Filled, Strength-Based Approach to Career Education 1.91 MB18113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Les savoirs professionnels des conseillers - ères en accompagnement à distance 1.23 MB18913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Linda Pardy – Career Mapping- Expanding Innovative Pathways for Employment Security 2.15 MB36013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Lisa Kelly – Opening the Door Wider for Clients with Disabilities 679.59 KB17313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Lois Dion - Marianne Cote -Jacques Susan Ajersch – Grow Your Career - JAC Employee Career Development Program 1.87 MB15413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Lorraine Godden – Innovative Pilot Projects- Improving Adult Learner Pathways 13.25 MB24013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Mark Franklin, Jessica Isenor, Kerry Till, Michael Stebleton, Kris Magnusson – Narrative Career Management Reflection - Today's On-Campus Tools 899.89 KB19513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Michael Allan – Habits for Self-Care 109.76 KB17613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Millennial Leadership as the Gateway 4.66 MB29913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Nick Fruhling- Andrea Fruhling – Design Thinking for Career Development 2.02 MB18913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Oly Backstrom- Robyn Persaud-Project SEARCH-A Transition and Recruitment Best Practice 671.74 KB37213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Rob Straby – Discover the Path From Skills Development to Mastery 700.41 KB13713-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Robert Ndoping & Lindsay Morris – Converting Potential into Prosperity- Microloans for Newcomer Success 1.48 MB15613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Roberta Neault & Deirdre Pickerell – Maximizing Career Engagement Across a Lifetime of Transitions 5.22 MB19413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Sareena Hopkins -Donnalee Bell - Does the Skills Agenda Apply to Us 15.02 MB25413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Seanna Quressette – Trauma-Informed Career Development Concrete Strategies & Tangible Tools 5.87 MB15313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Seanna Quressette – Trauma-Informed Career Development Concrete Strategies & Tangible Tools 5.87 MB14113-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Seanna Quressette – Trauma-Informed Strategies for CDPs 6.51 MB16713-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Shanna Mugford - Ashley Verge – Career Developers to Career Connectors 807.44 KB16813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Sharon Graham, Kathy McDonald, Paula Wischoff Yerama – Building Our Competency Framework and Certification Program Together 7.56 MB18213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Shellie Deloyer – Activating Potential - Applying Mindset Tools for Empowered Success 24.36 MB24313-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Amani Hitimana 884.70 KB16213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Anaïs Thibault Landry 728.48 KB20213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Colleen Knechtel 1.40 MB38913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Irene Zhang 517.69 KB36013-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Julia Nie 1.22 MB16813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Liton Furukawa 768.66 KB34613-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Student Poster - Mindy Chiang 1.49 MB30913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Suzie Johnson – Improving Workplace Stability Through Cross-sector Collaboration 1.08 MB13813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Taking the Career Development Ninja Challenge 3.22 MB18213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Tim Tamashiro - How to Ikigai 1.91 MB43413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Tracy Ross – Actua’s Future Skills Project - Post-secondary Work-integrated Learning 4.58 MB21813-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Tristram Hooley - Take back control. Why politicians should care about career development 6.03 MB34213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Tristram Hooley – Career Guidance and Social Justice 3.11 MB70513-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Wayne Pagani - Michelle Precourt – Yoga - You- Elevate Yourself and Your Clients 3.09 MB15713-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Wei Huang Jen Davies – Experiential Learning Resources for Students with Disabilities 2.14 MB30213-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Wendy Cukier - Brian Robson – Mapping Digital Skills in Canada 2.51 MB16913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Who in the World- Giving International Students the Tools to Succeed 3.14 MB17913-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Yoga & You ... and Your Clients (Wellness Resources) 771.43 KB13413-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Yvonne Rodney Overcoming Stuckness – Helpful Strategies for Self and Clients 471.08 KB19713-04-2020 DownloadPreview


25-27 January, 2021


Shaw Centre, Ottawa