What are people saying about Cannexus?

"A great learning experience, very informative and inspiring, that helped me analyze the past, visualize the future and gave me some tools to work in the present and be part of the change. What an exciting journey!"
Monica Garcia
Case Manager in the Gateway to Tourism & Hospitality for Newcomers program, ISSofBC, BC
"Whether you are new to the field or have decades of experience under your belt, Cannexus is the place to keep your knowledge up to date, feel the excitement of sharing new ideas, and make connections that will last a lifetime. You will always leave this conference with new energy and lots of plans to implement."
Blessie Mathew
Director, Career Centre and Experiential Learning, University of Alberta, AB
"I am truly grateful for the enlightening experience I had at Cannexus; not only did I have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, but I also had learned about invaluable resources and insights that are typically out of reach in our remote part of the country.”
Beverley Jourdain
Employment Advisor, Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong, ON
"Attending Cannexus24 offered fantastic opportunity to learn of new innovations and share best practices (and the not so good ones we grow from), not to mention the many fruitful conversations with folks tied to our work in so many ways."
Karen Cederwall
Executive Director, Sasktaoon Trades and Skills Centre, SK
"Cannexus24 was thought-provoking, futuristic, and encouraging changes and resilience."
Sooin Park
Employment Strategist, University of Toronto Mississauga Career Centre, ON

A look at Cannexus24 in Ottawa

"Cannexus is welcoming, invigorating, caring, organized, and enjoyable with wide-ranging topics, presentation approaches and target audiences. Everything is looked after so that delegates can focus their full attention on learning from and connecting with others."
David Redekopp​
President, Life-Role Development Group Ltd., AB​
“I loved the emphasis on Indigenous learning & respect for our people.”
Melissa McNutt
Education Officer, Native Council of Nova Scotia, NS    
"As a recent graduate and newcomer to not only Canada but also the field of career development, it was amazing to see so many individuals working towards shared goals and advocating for improvements in the system. The data and the ongoing research presented truly highlights the dedicated work that members of this community are engaging in and I’m pretty excited to see where we go from here!"
Minahil Fatima
Training and Employment Newcomer Youth Coach, Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc., NB
"I attended Cannexus24 virtually and truly enjoyed the amazing opportunities to participate watching live keynote presenters. I found the roundtable discussions a favourite as it allowed me to connect/network with other CD professionals. The live sessions as well as recorded presentations were of high calibre, very informative, packed with resources and insights to take back to share with my colleagues in the workplace. A BIG thank you to CERIC and the Cannexus24 volunteers for your dedicated/hard work to present an amazing experience virtually, bravo!"
Muneerah Ramji
Future of Work Coach, Future Ready Initiative, Aga Khan Council for Canada, ON

A look inside Cannexus23 in Ottawa

"Cannexus24 was a life-giving experience for me! As someone who is the only person doing this work, it was great to connect with professionals across the country and share our passion - career development! No matter what role we found ourselves in, we had something in common - a desire to support individuals in experiencing success and moving towards a preferred future."
Kirby Krause
Career Development and Life Exploration Program Coordinator, Hanover School Division, MB
"Cannexus23 virtual conference was absolutely empowering. As a first-time attendee, I can't put into words how much knowledge was brought together. I am excited to take this information to the office and start putting it to the test. Lastly, the diversity and inclusion throughout the conference was incredible."
Chelsey Compton
Client Engagement Officer, Government of PEI, PEI
"It was an absolute pleasure to attend Canada's largest Career & Workforce Development Conference. Cannexus provides an incredible opportunity to network and build strong working relationships. The conference experience was inclusive and inspirational on all levels. "
Cindy Willcott
Lead Case Manager, YMCA Nova Scotia Works, NS
"I left with new ideas about the future of work, return on kindness, and authentic relationships with Indigenous communities. I also made new connections! Thank you!"
Patience Okuku
Career Advisor, The University of British Columbia, BC
‘’Cannexus was extremely informative and valuable to me in my employment role.”
Tanja Wilson
Employment and Life Skills Training Coordinator, Ooknakane Friendship Centre, BC
"Strengthening relationships and collaborations is so essential for the career development community. Presenting and attending Cannexus23 virtually allows me to keep up with international trends and network with my peers from around Canada and the globe."
Heather Lowery-Kappes
President, Career Development Association of New Zealand, New Zealand
"As a first time Cannexus attendee, the experience was FANTASTIC - thank you. I enjoyed and appreciated the mix of live and on demand sessions, the opportunity to network, the choice of keynote speakers and the topics presented were timely and relevant. The community building and diversity of perspectives was incredible. Feeling inspired, empowered and grateful."
Erika Mendonca-DeSilva
The Talent Company, ON
"This conference super exceeded expectations and I learned a lot. The presenters were all so inspiring, engaging, and empowered and provided us with so much information to take back to our offices. I have so much gratitude and I am truly blessed for being able to participate in such an awesome and amazing conference."
Loretta Littlejohn
YMCA of Cape Breton Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre, NS
"I found the whole Cannexus22 experience stimulating and refreshing. Feeling part of an international community of career professionals made me proud and motivated to move forward. Thank you and bravo!"
Françoise Soria
Perspective Carrière, QC
"Cannexus22 was a timely and well-executed conference, though virtual the sessions were so engaging and empowering. A wide variety of rich and meaningful topics were covered. The organizers seemed to have put a lot of thought into sessions so that delegates could be empowered not only on the professional side of things but also everyday life issues we battle with hence conference was very encouraging & timely. Just what I needed at the right time."
Passionate Ncube
UNB Engineering & Science Co-op Coordinator, University of New Brunswick, NB
"A worthy visit for CDPs everywhere, Cannexus is a must for all those who value learning, development and ideas sharing in the career development field. The Cannexus conference increases knowledge, critical thinking and networking opportunities, and offers CDPs around the world the chance to unite, enriching practice and experience."
Bella Doswell
Faculty Instructor, Career Development Professional Diploma Program, Conestoga College, ON
"I have been desperate to attend Cannexus for many years..a silver lining of the pandemic was the ability to attend this year for the first time - virtually! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about my ability to sit in front of a screen and learn. But learn I did. It was an amazing experience to join thousands of career development professionals, to connect for incredible learning and conversations, and inhale my favourite topic, career development...for the public good. I'm still digesting. Thank you!"
Lise Stransky
CCDP, Careers That Work For You, AB
“This was my first Cannexus, and I really enjoyed it. The keynote speakers were outstanding. The opportunity to network with other career development professionals was so beneficial - to learn from my peers, and share experiences was great for my own professional development.”
Bernie McFarlane
Career Coach, Find Your Way to Work, Australia
"I was blown by the virtual experience that Cannexus21 provided! The speakers, the sessions, the passion, the knowledge, the expertise and the insight that was shared was outstanding! I've learned, I've reflected, and I've pondered all that I heard looking for moments when I can put into practice all the take-aways!"
Rhonda Taylor
CEO, Career Trek, MB
"Being considered as a newcomer myself, I am still building my professional network here in Canada. And to attend Cannexus paved its way for me to meet other professionals and it develop my self-confidence even more. I am in this profession to always serve and help my fellow newcomers and thanks to Cannexus for being big way to elevate my knowledge."
Anna Mae Sy
Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area, NB
"It was a an enlightening educational experience, especially with the underlining themes of diversity and inclusion. A true highlight of my year so far, with some professional nuggets to share with colleagues."
Laura Cohen
Saint Mary's University, NS
"Cannexus is always a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by professionals who are leading change in our profession and from other speakers who bring powerful perspectives to relevant topics such as personal and professional growth, mental health, diversity and inclusion, among many others. Cannexus21 didn't disappoint with the virtual format and we, yet again, were treated to world-class presentations by renowned Canadian and international speakers. Thank you to the organizers!"
Ledianis Rivero Sosa
Director, Client Services, World Skills Employment Centre, ON
" For the past few years (pre-COVID), our department funded one to two people to attend the Cannexus conference, and when they returned they gave the whole team a brief 'recap' of their learning. This year, we decided to prioritize funding our whole team to attend Cannexus virtually and do a group registration. We are a seven-person team and this is a great professional development opportunity for all of us."
Tanis Sawkins
Director, Partnership Development Office, Vancouver Community College, BC
“Cannexus21 is going to be a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn from industry leaders. As a full-time student of the Career Development Practitioner program, I am grateful for the discounted rate which allows me to attend and take advantage of growing my knowledge in the field. An added bonus is that the conference is virtual, making it more flexible and easier to join. I am especially looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and love the idea of peer-to-peer matchmaking.”
Bhavika Bhikha
Career Development Practitioner Program Student, George Brown College, ON
“This is one of the best conferences I’ve been to! So very well organized and welcoming! It was such a rewarding experience, being a presenter and an attendee. The connections that were made were all very valuable and helpful not only for my work but also personally. Thank you!”
Robyn Persaud
Life Skills Coach, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabiliation Hospital, ON
“Cannexus21 was a great opportunity to engage with and learn from career development professionals from across Canada and the globe. Tackling relevant issues in today's society including those around social justice, COVID-19 and economic recovery. The sessions offered through Cannexus presented a number of best practices and models that individuals and organizations at all levels of the career development field can use to make a significant impact in our communities.”
Andrew Bassingthwaighte
Student Talent Performance Consultant, Brock University, ON
“Cannexus is a way to recharge, reassess, reengage and reignite our love for career development in Canada. Feeling the gathering of like minds, coming together as a community around a central theme is something I had no idea I needed until coming to Cannexus20. Looking forward to taking the pilgrimage to Ottawa again next year to connect!”
Nat Perry
Career and Employment Advisor, University of New Brunswick, NB
“I like most about Cannexus is being surrounded by other individuals that are passionate about helping others in figuring out their career paths while approaching it & pairing it with other strengths & perspectives. It was empowering & motivating experience for me to be a part of such a wonderful movement.”
Kristina Daghlian
Career Counsellor in Training, ON
“This was my first Cannexus conference and I was deeply impressed by the quality of the keynotes, the sessions and the venue itself. I have gained a broader perspective on the key topics our field is preoccupied with across the country. It was eye-opening, intellectually stimulating and great fun! Thank you!”
Karen Begemann
Career Consultant, Work Matters Consulting, BC
“Thank you for the opportunity to present at the Cannexus conference. I think you really put on a great event and I heard nothing but positive remarks from delegates.”
Norman E. Amundson
Professor, Counselling Psychology, UBC, BC
"Cannexus offers amazing opportunities to connect with Canadian and international colleagues, stay current and share recent research or discuss emerging concerns."
Roberta Neault
President, Life Strategies Ltd., BC
“Cannexus offers a national conversation on what’s current – and what’s coming – for career development. It’s a dialogue you won’t find anywhere else. I attend Cannexus to connect with colleagues and fellow practitioners, build linkages across a range of sectors, and to further strategic partnerships. Cannexus20 was practical, informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. Thank you for building a conference that is an important part of professional growth for our team.”
Kim Kiloh
Director, Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, UBC, BC
“Best conference I have attended in the past few years! Beautiful city, amazing venue and super high-quality sessions that were relevant and forward-looking.”
Dawn White
Director, Experiential Learning and International Affairs, Algoma University, ON
“Cannexus is a platform to connect with other career practitioners on a national level… to expand your knowledge and find solutions to challenges your organization might be facing on a local level.”
Kristen Thoms
Program Manager, Quint Development Corporation, SK
“This has been the 5th time I have attended the conference, including having 4-5 of my staffing team attend as well. The information has been invaluable for both professional & personal development of myself and team members. The variety of workshops/topics is refreshing, practical and useful. The venue is also superb and easy to access. Thank you once again for putting on such an amazing conference.”​
David Lamarche
Co-ordinator, Youth Services Bureau, ON

Past keynotes share their insights on the value of being part of Cannexus

"I liked feeling part of a large, thoughtful, compassionate community that is making a difference in the world."
Michael Harris
Executive Director, KEYS Job Centre, ON
"As a first-timer and some one who has gone to many conferences in my lifetime, I left Cannexus19 recharged, ready to make changes in my curriculum, my key messages to my students but most of all I enjoyed networking and getting to know like-minded people within my industry. If you are looking for some professional development, I would recommend that you attend the conference as a delegate because I know you will learn something new to take back to your job!"
Sangeeta Mehta
Internship Specialist/ Career Counsellor, Toronto Metropolitan University, ON
"As a Cannexus first-timer, I walked away from the conference feeling like I had found "my people." I love that I was able to find a community of individuals who were as passionate about career development as I was and am leaving with so many new friends and colleagues that I had the pleasure of learning from, over just a few short days."
Carol Lam
Coordinator, Career Exploration, University of Toronto, ON
"Outstanding… very professionally executed. As a first timer, I was welcomed by all warmly. The enthusiasm of the delegates was contagious and all the staff were professional and helpful. I am originally from a different sector and this was my first conference in career development. I will certainly recommend it to others."
Helen Hirsh Spence
Founder, The Top 60 Over 60™, ON
“Top-notch learning and networking experience………unparalleled. By far the best use of our staff development dollars! Highly recommend the Cannexus experience to my colleagues in the field of training, employment, skills development and career services professionals! Allows organizations and their staff team to see how their work fits in a national and international context….which is crucial!”
Randy Lindsay
Executive Director, Futureworx Society, NS