Speaker Guides

Presenting through this virtual event platform (GTR) is very much like presenting at a traditional event: attendees will be able to see and hear you, and you’ll have the opportunity to display slides or other supporting material as you deliver your presentation. The main difference is that you may be thousands of miles away from your audience.

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The main difference between a Zoom Webinar and a Zoom Meeting is that with a Zoom Meeting, you can see as well as hear attendees, if you choose to unmute them. With Webinars your main modes of interaction with attendees are through chat and polls (these features are also available in Zoom Meetings). Additionally, in Zoom Meetings, you can choose to create breakout groups.

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Presenting a pre-recorded on-demand session at Cannexus offers a lot of benefits. You will have the opportunity to record and edit the session on your own time, and upload into the virtual conference platform in January. Your session will be available to registered attendees for six months.

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