Bubbling Up: Empowering Indigenous Youth Through “Radical Advocacy” Keynote: Dr. Sean Lessard
Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 11:45 – 12:45 ET

In this keynote presentation, Dr. Sean Lessard reflects on his work alongside Indigenous youth both in and outside of schools. His approach to working alongside youth on the margins is based on the Pedagogy of the Heart and what he loosely coins "radical advocacy." Sean has worked across North America with youth and is especially known for his design of graduation coach models, transition/career planning and "school at any place and at any time" approaches. He has most recently turned his attention to the youth from his home community and has worked towards designing alongside them a land-based and wellness hub for healing. Sean has specifically purchased through speaking over 1,000 pairs of shoes for elders and youth and over 300 bikes so each child might have an opportunity to bike to places within their imaginations." 

Keynote Partner | Partenaire – Allocution