Brave New Work: The Change-Friendly Playbook for Navigating Non-Stop Transformation  Keynote: Hamza Khan
Monday January 29, 2024, 13:00 – 14:00 ET

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. Four words that defined our lives over the past few years. Now, emerging from chaos, we face yet another challenge navigating a fast-approaching future of work, an always-on "new abnormal" characterized by hybrid work, persistent technological disruption, and constantly shifting behaviours and expectations. Today’s organizations must compress their five-year plans to two years (or less) to thrive in tomorrow's fast-paced world. In an age where everything that can be automated will be, it's imperative that people change before it's too late. To meet this challenge, attendees of this dynamic session require a bold new approach to navigating constant change; they must lean into an array of uniquely human qualities such as attunement, (true) resilience and creativity that are difficult, if not impossible, to disrupt. The future of work belongs to those who can change before change is required.