Athletics to Activism; Resilience to Reconciliation Keynote: Waneek Horn-Miller
Monday, January 24, 2022, 12:00 - 13:00 ET ​

Waneek Horn-Miller’s story didn’t begin and end with being the first Mohawk woman to become an Olympic athlete; it started with the struggles her mother faced raising four daughters and instilling in them hope and resilience to navigate their life paths. This resilience allowed her to fight her way back from a near-death experience after being stabbed by a soldier during the Oka Crisis to propel her to be co-captain of the Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team. It would also propel her to become an entrepreneur, an activist, a bridge-builder between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples, and someone who is working on empowering Indigenous women and economic reconciliation.“If we want reconciliation, for ourselves and our children, we need to have hard conversations, build common ground, and really listen to each other.”